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Quality bikes for top athletes, beginners in artistic cycling or circus artists

The passion of indoor cycling is inspiring the team of Langenberg.bike for almost half a century now. Since then, our developers strive to achieve perfection right down to the smallest detail. Together with European and World champions we are continuously adapting new developments in indoor cycling sports to our bicycles. Therefore, a Langenberg bike is a technical masterpiece of which each part has been carefully selected to meet the highest sporting requirements. Every bike from Langenberg.bike is subject to a high-quality standard in terms of material and workmanship – HANDMADE IN GERMANY. Without exception, we use high-quality components with very small tolerances for our cycles.

Our off-the chart experience in bicycle construction secure you an indoor bike with outstanding driving characteristics. We are especially proud of our unique toothed belt drive. This drive grants the world’s smoothest ride in indoor cycling and is even more durable than our chain drive. In addition, the toothed belt drive is extraordinary silent.

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